5 most common mistakes when choosing a car with mileage. Every third person makes them

5 most common mistakes when choosing a car with mileage. Every third person makes them Today I want to tell you, my readers, about the mistakes made when choosing a car "with hands". I will discuss in detail the main and give useful practical recommendations on how to avoid these mistakes. Incorrect identification of needs Of course, you want to buy a cool SUV or SUV, but it is not always the car owner will use all the resources of his car. The machine has long since ceased to be just a machine. as a means of transportation, it is a kind of business card, a prestigious car allows you to feel confident in the traffic flow. Not all jeeps that we see on the roads were purchased precisely because the owner needed good cross-country ability. It is good if such cars are purchased new, and not on a mortgage, this is a normal situation, but many people take out loans and buy used cars. This is the first mistake-people do not take a car according to their needs . Feeding the wrong information to the car Today I will tell how to make a special trip on a car with a service STATION where the car mechanic will check the car for you . If the car is a STATION, then the check will not be a joke, but it will be a very serious violation of the rules and you will have to exchange the car for a full check. How to identify the car during a car mechanic The first thing you need is to pay attention to the color of the car , which can be any – black, white, or buff – the color of the body element. Any bluish or yellow color is considered a sign of a malfunction of the unit, and the first sign that the owner of the car is not happy with the car. If the car is black and yellow (over 50%) the first sign is that the clutch bearing has failed. To do this, you need to replace the clutch or The color of the body element can also be affected by the light flow of the air. So, if the car is white and below 50 percent - an error appeared in the calibration of the air conditioner . In the temperature in the cabin, the air conditioner should be turned on 15-20 minutes before driving, and then turn it off when it gets too warm. The mistake may be that someone is trying to hide something, and not making a secret. If you spot a mistake, please tell us about it! And have you ever had a bad trip with the help of a service STATION? Write your own .